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My name is Brad Knutson, first let me wipe the sweat off my brow & the grease of my hands so I can type this.  I was born and raised in good ol’ Williston, ND. I started in the oilfield in 1988 after going to college for a year. Many of the old timers would always say “Son – get out of the oilfield while you got a chance”. I tried a few times with a few short stints on other career paths and another semester of college. On the day I was supposed to start my last semester of my 2 year degree, the wind chill was 75 below and I was tired of the cold and didn’t want to go to school, I packed up my Bronco and moved to Farmington, New Mexico. After spending about a year down there working a few oilfield jobs, I decided to move back home. Several times I told myself I was getting out of the oilfield and doing something else, well luckily that didn’t quite work out & here I am.


I decided to take a less paying, but cleaner & inside job as a parts person at Stewart & Stevenson. Within the next 2 years they sold out & shortly after that 3 of they key employees decided to start their own business and asked me to come work for them. Which then was the beginning of Industrial Equipment Sales & Service (I.E.S.S.) That was back in 1999, which was the year when for the 1st time in 50 years since oil was discovered in ND – there were Zero drilling rigs operating in North Dakota. Many people thought they were crazy to start a business then, but I never had a doubt – probably easier that it wasn’t my money. 22 years later & here I still am with the great owners & the great company of IESS.


Over the years of the ups and downs and constant changes of the oilfield – IESS, as well as many other oilfield businesses would find ourselves with surplus stock & equipment. To give you a gauge on how much equipment, inventory, parts, etc is in the area, think back to when the 1st time Ritchie Brothers Auction started coming to Williston.  Some years they would have 2 auctions per year & have over 50 million $$ of listings, which is only a fraction of the actual inventory in the area. Auctions have a high success rate & a very high marketing budget; but not always the best option for every case. Sellers want a premium price & buyers want a bargain – makes sense. Some don’t have the time & want the hassle to haul everything to the auction yard, or the $$ value is too small to list, or they don’t want to wait 6-12 months for the next auction.


In the beginning of the crazy year of 2020, before Covid hit & oil crashed – is when Bakken Oilfield started. I was looking for options so sell our surplus stock & the auctions didn’t fit our needs, some of the other classified websites were too broad or didn’t seem to have many local listings. I had built the original IESS website 15 years ago along with some other sites but my web building knowledge was way outdated. I stared to re-learn & then re-built www.iessinc.com and started listing some of our surplus stock. Then I decided to start the BOS website, which became a tasking ordeal. The backend of the site was above my paygrade and expertise, so I had 2 different freelancers work on it over the next 4-5 months – which they ended up messing it up and then I hired a third company that had to start over and build the site from scratch.


Bakken Oilfield Surplus offers Free basic ads, to help bring the buyers & sellers together for the massive amount of Oil & Gas parts, equipment & surplus stock in the Williston Basin. Although the Classified are specifically for the Oil & Gas, the Business Directory is for all types of local businesses in the Bakken region. The concept of this was to promote more traffic to the classified ads, but also a way to give back to the communities of the Bakken and help advertise & promote local businesses.


Well, I better get back to work and earn some money since my hobbies aren’t cheap – walleye slaying fishing & riding Harley, I should have picked cheaper hobbies like checkers or bird watching. Now go start buying & selling on BOS; also – be sure to check out all the businesses on the business directory & support on the great local businesses. Thanks for visiting.


Here’s me out fishing & providing for my family – again. 
We probably at Ramen Noodle that night. 

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